What To Do? Explore Davao Beach Resorts

Beach Resorts in Davao
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What sets Davao City apart from the other cities in the Philippines? It’s not only the massive land area that makes it a best place to live and invest in; it also has a number of in-city beaches and resorts perfect for that spontaneous craving of sun, sand and water.

With the many Davao beach resorts in the city, you’d certainly have an amazing time frolicking under the sun with your family and friends. What it offers is more than just the typical run-off-the-mill pleasure but one that will have you wanting to explore the great outdoors even more. In addition, these in-city resorts allow for easy access to everything you could possibly need for an instant afternoon fun.

What these resorts bring you is sunshine on any given day. Not everyone has the luxury of time and budget to splurge on vacations. This is true.  Hence, with the many options of in-city resorts around, you’d surely settle for one that’s within your comforts and of course, falls beautifully within your budget. Now, that’s a proper vacation right there.

It may not be as mainstream as with what you are used to but Davao’s many in-city beaches are something to look forward to. It’s calming, serene and of course, posts as a great escape despite them located within the city proper. Many a time, families flock the resorts to spend some quality time with one another. Indeed, a great bonding experience to always look forward to.

Another best thing about them is that you always have the option of staying overnight or just hours during the day. Going home won’t be something you’d have to think about anymore. Now, all you’ll need is some change of clothes and you are off. Talk about convenience.

Budget wise, you’d not have to worry because you need not spend more than necessary. The fact that you’d find it lined alongside stores, cafes and restos is a big factor. More so is the many wet markets scattered all around. However, if you opt to spend more and have a luxurious time with family and friends, then do so at your own expense – of course. If not, then your budget will certainly go a long way.

Davao Beach Resorts
Image from: iClipart.com

These in-city beaches and resorts are packed with activities that makes for a great weekend escapade. Play ball, go snorkeling or diving and even enjoy some time under the sun without any problem.

If, on the other hand, cooking is your cup of tea, then these in-city water havens are packed with cooking stations that’ll help you whip up a masterpiece even outside the comforts of your kitchen. What to do? Marinate your meats and fresh catches at home and grill them on the spot. Exciting, right?

The next time you are in Davao, you’d now know what to do. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some quality time under the sun and nature. Plan your weekend getaway with the many in-city beach resorts in Davao and you’d soon know why Davao is a city that stands up from the rest. Don’t forget to pack your sunnies.