Vacation In The Philippines 101

Vacation In The Philippines
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Sun, sand and water — a combination that always puts a smile on our faces. True, we love the urban life but we too love to frolic and spend some time catching some sunlight. We love that the Philippines is an archipelago and therefore, providing us with an abundance of vitamin SEA — anytime we want.

With such a selection, no wonder it takes us more than a couple of seconds to choose where to go on an abrupt sea-caytion. For us, a vacation is a good excuse to travel — to get away. Now the question is, do we stay within the city limits, drive for hours or fly on a trip to catch some sun?

Yes, despite the urbanized jungle we are all in, we still yearn for some time of serenity. And for us, that means time at the beach. We love the idea of an escapade minus the hassle and bustle of the city life. For us, the best possib

le way to recharge is when we surround ourselves with nature. And the beach is always a welcome refuge.


Before we pack our bags and make that reservation, let’s not rush and take a moment to research. Yes, research is an integral part of planning a vacation worth a thousand words. For most, we alienate researching and go with the flow — yes, this is also nice. To ‘expect the unexpected’ is one way of loving some time off. However, if you want a well-planned vacation, go ahead and research.

An offshoot of researching is that you’ll know where to go, what to bring and what to expect. More so, financially plan the whole trip. Through this, you’ll come prepared and not worry about the minutest of things. Sometimes it’s the little things that makes us want to curl in bed and not go out.

Knowing where to go is a must. With an archipelagic country of island and islets scattered all around, you’d surely have a hard time making that decision. Still, you have to make a choice. With technology and the internet, everything you need to know about a place becomes easy as 1-2-3. Not to mention, listing websites making it easier for everyone to make a choice.

Aside from the obvious, you’d also have to know what to bring. This will not only save you on space but more so the worry that comes with it. Packing smartly leaves you with extra time to plan and more so, relax before your trip. You can also grab some munchies before heading to the airport.

Philippines Vacation
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What to expect? Expect to be mesmerised by the country’s rich landscape. From all corners, you’d find a reason to celebrate life. From the vast stretch of sand to the glistening waters and the warmest of accommodations, you’d surely want to stay. Not to mention, a buffet of fresh catch and produce prepared to your tummy’s delight. Not only are we rich with beaches and resorts; we too have some of the world’s best dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. Truly, it’s more fun in the Philippines.

So, the next time you want to go on a vacation, make use of technology and make it a trip to remember. Take the time to sit down, collate ideas and research. Don’t rush just because airline fees are on sale. Instead, plan according to how you want to spend your off days alone, with family, friends or significant other.