Tourism In The Philippines: Holistic Vacation

Philippine Beach Resorts
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Philippine tourism has seen an astounding growth over the years. With technological advancement, it’s easy how the world has learned, seen and experienced the many wonderful attractions that our archipelagic country has to offer. From local bragging on social media and posting on about the beautiful sceneries we have to foreigners who have since loved the Philippines, we are indeed receiving global recognition.

True, the Philippines is not as advanced as other countries but we have that certain charm that is truly us — that which makes us distinct and different from the rest. From urbanized cities to landmarks of historical values and food choices of local and fusion flavours, it truly is more fun in the Philippines. Any form of relaxation — beach, nature hike or mall hopping — we have them all.

With 3 main islands and some thousands more islets, the Philippines is a best place to visit anytime of the year. It’s vast landscape allows for a travel either by land, water or air. Each place you visit is something you’d like to call home. From every corner, you’d find a reason to stay. Now, that’s how a proper vacation should be.

The country is inevitably rich — in natural resources, culture, tradition and of course, people. Although we speak of different dialects, we still are able to understand each other and verily elevate the country’s tourism in general. The many foreign visitors we get every year is a testimony to how we, as a nation, are able to come together and speak as one.

Aside from the usual tourist spots, the Philippines is also big in ‘hidden gems’ that allows for a relaxing time minus the hefty expense and crowd. It’s not secluded nor is it isolated from the public — just not yet discovered by the majority. For one, having an island all to yourself is something to look forward to…always something to look forward to.

In the Philippines, a vacation comes in packages. Not one you choose from but something that you’ll experience once you set foot in the country. Go on an adventure, meet interesting people, indulge with local delicacies and spend time with nature — everything comes within the territory. Now, you’d not only have time under the sun; you’d also create a bond unlike any other.

Exploring a country is always an invitation that excites the self — in more ways than you can imagine. It’s a holistic activity that feeds the mind, body and soul altogether. Sometimes, it’s through these trips or vacations that we are able to think clearly and do the right thing. We are able to let go of baggages and appreciate our lives even more.

Immersing oneself is one best way to understand the self. Baring the soul and opening the self to that what surrounds you is an acceptance of growth. It enables you to admire and respect life even more. In other words, it is through this journey that you are able to cleanse and start anew — whether you need it or not.

Hence, the next time you crave for some time under the sun and taste some flavours of the world, go ahead and indulge. Find a place that you haven’t been to or go back to where you’ve been and recreate memories like never before. However, before you pack your bags and get on that plane, do your research — be it for a resort, hotel or outdoor adventure. It truly pays off to be prepared. Enjoy!