Into The Water: Davao Beach Resorts Escapade

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When the urge to suddenly get away and find a place of solitude hits you, to where do you usually go? Do you go for comfort in the heart of the city or somewhere where you could be one with nature?

The beach. Not the movie but the place of sun, sand and water. Most often, planning a trip to the beach comes as a welcome surprise especially to those who just want to say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of city life – even for a moment. With such, beach resorts in Davao City has substantially materialized to the delight of everyone. Be it local, visitor or individuals who just want to have a good time.

No doubt, Davao is a haven of everything you can think of. Be it on land, air or water, the massive land area acts as an extended playground that allows anyone to have a good time – whatever your definition of fun may be. Bring the kids, family, friends and extended family for a fun time unlike any other.

In the city, there are beaches and resorts present that allows for an instant vacation within the city borders. Here, you need not pack a lot as the beaches are conveniently located within one’s vicinity of choice. Not to mention, surrounded by familiar cafes and restaurants that serves dishes to satisfy any craving. If on a budget, fresh seafood catches abound the market. Now, that’s something to always look forward to.

Not only is Davao big on beaches but also, resorts that double as a theme park. Here, you certainly need not travel far and spend more than the usual, all you need is your appetite for fun, camera and some extra shirts for an experience worth sharing on social media.

If you want to get away from the city proper and enjoy some rejuvenating time with Mother Nature, then Davao has the perfect getaway for you. The Island Garden City of Samal (ICAGOS) is your best place to be. It’s an island, obviously, surrounded by white sand and is home to a number of internationally acclaimed resorts that has since been a favorite amongst those who visit Davao for fun, pleasure or for a lifetime.

What Samal, as it is locally known, serves is a smorgasbord of choices that fits into your repertoire of choice – one way or another.

Davao Beach Resorts
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If you want something crowded and see familiar faces, they have resorts that cater to such pleasure. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more private and luxurious time at the beach, then make your choice from their selection. Be it for a day tour, an overnight stay or an extended weekend, the island will most definitely make your stay one to remember.

Aside from the usual sun, sand and water, resorts – in and out of the city – also offers a number of amazing water activities that makes for a more exciting experience. Slide your way to one of the longest water slides in Mindanao, snorkel and be friendly with some school of fish and dive further down and be one with the corals. Tempting, right?

Why not take the plunge and experience it first hand? With the many hotel guide Davao and other references made available on the internet, you’d surely end up with a scheduled stay in an instant.