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Life’s a beach – indeed. The moment we decide to live our lives, we become aware of the beauty of life and not focus on the small waves we come across. Hence, whenever we feel down, we look for an escape – sand, sun and water all at the same time.

resorts in Davao City
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With an archipelago for a country, it’s both a blessing and a curse that we are surrounded by bodies of water. Curse because we always want to bask under the tropical sun but is too adamant to tan. Blessing, on the other hand, because we can always go to the beach and pretend that we have no deadlines and that our corporate life is running smooth as a baby’s bum. Like, say, when you are down south, the resorts in Davao City will surely have you applying your sunscreens in an instant.

Let’s focus on Davao. It’s massive land area make for a good place to explore and discover both the urban and rural life. More so, the city proper is just minutes away from Samal Island – to where you can frolick under the sun and explore the marine life on any given day. In short, there need not be a proper celebration for you to go to the beach – you can do so any time you want.

If a local, taking that short boat ride or barge ride from the city to Samal is no biggie. All you need is know where to go and to what resort you would want to spend the day – or night – at. And also the many necessities you may want to bring for that sunny time at the beach.

If just visiting the city or is here for a business trip taking some time off at the beach, then you’d surely need a guide to help you. Yes, the internet is the best place to look for what you want. However, not everything you want to know about a particular resort is available on the net. At times, you’d be left with an address but no contact number and vice versa.

We at Philippine Beach Resorts, your sunny online listing of the best beaches and resorts in the Philippines, knows of your desire to research and be prepared before taking the plunge – no pun intended. Knowing your options is a must – it’s something that you should always consider before making reservations.

What we offer is a listing of the best resorts and beaches in the Philippines. From private resorts to the most populated and mainstream of places, we have every bit of information you need. What we offer is not just a selection; what we have is the answer to your relaxation needs. What we have is the reason why you’ll love to explore the entirety of the Philippines.

With an online listing, you’ll be able to do everything with just a click – browse the website, choose and  make that reservation. More so, you’d have the luxury to discover and learn more about the beach or resort with the internet. Planning that next trip to the beach would just be as easy as 1-2-3.

Our listing is not just for the beach goers but more so, for business owners who wishes to market their beaches or resorts globally.  Now, Manila, Cebu and even Davao beach resorts will all be right at your fingertips. Go on and have a multi-island adventure. See you.