resorts in Davao City

Philippine Tourist Attractions is not your typical travel website. Not only does it feature the best tourist attractions in the county but also introduce the many beaches and resorts to where you can stay and have fun wherever you may be in the country.

With 7,107 islands and a massive coastline of multi-colored sand, the Philippines is truly one of the best beach destinations in the world. So, how to enjoy the Philippines? Simple. Pack your necessities, rally your friends and head to the nearest beach or resort. Now!

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What we offer is a listing of beaches and resorts all over the archipelago. A list of the best possible places to visit while on self-imposed hiatus will surely have you excited in an instant.

Take a look at our gallery and choose from amongst what you fancy. Read on the many articles and plan your itinerary – hassle free. All you need is to make that choice. How you’d go about your vacation is all up to you.

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